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The 25 Simple Secrets For Enjoying More Leafy Greens Every Day... To Boost Energy, Prevent, & Even Reverse Disease!

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How would you like to have us hold you by the hand as you learn to successfully navigate the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, so you can finally overcome the pain, fatigue, brain fog, and extra pounds that keep you from doing all the things you'd love to do?

this is for you.

Prevent and reverse disease


Lose unwanted pounds


Leave pain & inflammation behind


Regain your energy



Gain new friends, ideas, accountability,
and encouragement


Since working with Jarrod & Anita I've seen amazing changes! I've gone from size 12 to a size 4 and my neck pain that was 9/10 is gone. On top of that, I've found Food Freedom...and I love love LOVE what I'm eating! It fuels me well and tastes amazing. My husband has increased energy and sleep, as well as many other benefits. These two are amazing coaches and fantastic human beings! I highly recommend them!"

"I'm so excited! I started my plant based journey with this wonderful couple. They have been encouraging and always there to answer questions! I’ve learned not to over think things, how to enjoy this lifestyle, and how to be forgiving of myself. I don’t aim for perfection now because I know that won’t help me reach my goals. I’ve also learned how to discover my real WHY, my actual goal, and that inspires me to keep moving forward!"

"I don’t get as tired now. I had severe PMS and bad mood swings, and hardly have any mood changes or fatigue any more. I feel more at peace, and I’m sleeping better too! I didn’t think I could give up cheese. I was so upset about it one week prior to starting the membership, but it's just not a problem for me any more. I’ve also chosen to include a lot of raw foods and I feel great!"

- Brenda S

- Deana P

- Natalie C.


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