Do you dream of your body feeling
so energized that you're finally able
to fully live?

This is The Community that's specifically designed to help you Thrive!

Do you dream of your body feeling so energized that you're finally able to fully live?
This is The Community that's specifically designed to help you Thrive!

Welcome to
Power On Plants

Welcome to
Power On Plants

This community is the only one of its kind that shows you the realistic, enjoyable way to beat exhaustion, brain fog, and inflammation so that you're physically able to create the legacy you were born to live!

The exclusive plant-based membership for busy kingdom-minded women who want to gain lasting energy and feel great each day so you can live your mission. 

hello, sunshine!

Please don't believe the lie that you have to give up all the meals you love or deprive yourself in the name of health, because nothing could be further from the truth.

You love the taste of comfort foods like casseroles, burgers, creamy potato salad, spaghetti, delicious desserts, cheezy pizza, tacos, stir fry, and pancakes.

Well who could blame you... I love those things, too!

That's why I'm going to show you that plant based living is about sooooo much more than just salads!

featured episodes:

Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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When you learn the Power On Plants method, you'll have the simple system for successfully navigating the Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle in the way that's enjoyable, so you can look forward to living an abundant life every single day!

living a healthy life should be enjoyable.

But how in the world is that possible? We simply learned how to have the meals we love in the way they'll actually love us back.

Our Family regularly savors our old favorite meals

If you're a Christ follower who's tired of health struggles robbing you of your valuable time & ability to live your destiny, AND you WANT to Optimize your ENERGY so that endless possibilities become your story,then Power On Plants Society is for you!


real results


“Since working with Jarrod & Anita I've seen amazing changes! I've gone from size 12 to a size 4 and my severe neck pain is gone!”

"On top of that, I've found Food Freedom...and I love love LOVE what I'm eating! It fuels me well and tastes amazing. My husband has increased energy and sleep, as well as many other benefits. These two are amazing coaches and fantastic human beings! I highly recommend them!"

- Brenda S.    Texarkana, Texas

Natalie Improved her marathon pace

“I used to have severe PMS, bad mood swings, and fatigue. But I almost never have them anymore!”

"Since starting the membership, I’m sleeping better and feel more at peace. I'm currently training for a marathon, and I'm so happy that my pace has even improved. I feel great!"

- Natalie C.    Ponte Vedra, Florida

this is for you!

Prevent and reverse disease


Have overflowing energy


Eat foods you absolutely love


Leave pain & inflammation behind



Gain new like-minded friends, ideas, accountability, and encouragement too...


I know I’ve said this before... but Anita, you are a miracle worker!!! My life is forever changed because of your gift in the kitchen. You and Jarrod provide training that is so simple, practical, and easy to implement! I'm off all my reflux meds, my headaches are gone, and I no longer have rheumatoid symptoms. 


- Robin D. Nashville, Tennessee