Finding Plant-Based Joy

It's how you build your dream body and life.

You've got places to go, people to see, and dreams to make reality, but you know you need to feel your best to get there. When you learn how to love the foods that will love you back,
you'll enjoy growing strong from the inside out so you can live life to the fullest. 

You've got places to go, people to see, and dreams to make reality, but you know you need to feel your best to get there. It's time to learn how to love the foods that will actually love you back, making you strong from the inside out. 

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Hello, Sunshine!

Ready to Build your best life?

Whether you hang out with us on the Power On Plants Podcast, soak up some blog posts, get creative with the cookbook, grow through the courses, or join us inside the membership we want you to know that we appreciate you, love having you in our world, and we’re cheering you on always.

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We're Jarrod & Anita,
YOUR PERSonal Plant Based Mentors & Friends 

We’re absolutely head over heels for whole plant foods and helping you navigate this incredible way of living. That’s because our lives have been completely changed by plant based goodness! 

We used to struggle daily with excess pounds, low energy, vascular disease, joint pain, and lack of sleep, just to name a few. And even though we’re medical professionals, we still weren’t getting practical answers that actually worked. So we dug into the research, started living what we learned, and now we both have our lives back. And that’s what we want for you too!  

Him: PA, Lifestyle Med Pro, & lover of tasty foods
Her: Nurse, recipe guru, & former cheese addict

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Get cookin' in no time with our tested & perfected simple, enjoyable, and delicious whole food plant-based recipes.


Join us inside Power On Plants Society to create the body and life of your dreams.


Ready to build an energy-filled life you love without ever having to go on another diet? The Power On Plants Podcast was made just for you!

Jarrod and Anita helped me to realize that my dreams are truly attainable. I gained a new perspective and encourage everyone to work with them. If you would like to dig deeper and are ready to take steps to make amazing things happen in your life, 

they are your GO-TO couple. Simply awesome!

- Tara B, Chattanooga, Tennessee

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We'll take your hand and guide you step by step as you navigate your way to a full life with limitless possibilities.


The Cookbook

Don't worry, sister. I get that busy women gotta have great food fast. That's why I created this cookbook just for you!

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Join us as we reveal our top real life secrets, tips, & strategies for saving time, money, & successfully adopting a plant based lifestyle in a way that’s simple, enjoyable, & delicious, so you can discover how to live a healthy life you truly love

NO. 103 - Nuts As a weight loss food


NO. 101 - The Top Questions For Plant Based Success


No. 99 - Boosting Low Energy With Whole Plant food

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Your destination is                           
 and the vehicle that will get you there is whole food plant based living.

- Jarrod & Anita

Endless Possibilities,

Your destination is

 and the vehicle that will get you there is whole food plant based living.

- Jarrod & Anita

Endless Possibilities,

from the


We're pulling out all the stops to share the simple action steps for preventing and even reversing disease. Sister, this isn't just your run of the mill "you should do this just because it worked for me" fluff. We're serving up fact-based, research backed goodness just for you, without the pretentious or preachy atmosphere. Our heart's desire is to make sure you have all of the facts, so that you are able to make the absolute best decisions for your own life.

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Tired of nasty tasting versions of your old favorite creamy drink? Then this is the recipe for you! Learn how to avoid the unhealthy additives, keep all the fiber, and enjoy some really delicious milk in under 5 minutes, no nut milk bag required.

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Meet me in the kitchen and I'll show you exactly how to make the easiest, most delicious guacamole this side of the Rio Grande.

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the best BLENDER

A huge part of success is having the right tools and knowing how to use them. This is our go-to, makes us smile daily blending machine, because when it comes to joyful plant based living, sauces, soups, and tasty drinks are a must.



How to Easily Eat More Greens Every Single Day

Want the 25 simple strategies for getting your greens that are doable AND delicious? We're sharing our top secrets right inside this guide!

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Welcome to
plant based 2.0

Getting healthy is about much more than just finding new recipes. Sure, you need some really great ones to get you started. But you know what's just as important? Learning food formulas to use when you don't even have time for a recipe, building the right mindset, discovering how to make recipe upgrades, learning game changing flavor profiles, having the right tools for organizing your journey, gaining effective strategies for decreasing stress, building strong relationships, getting better sleep, learning easy ways to move more, and being surrounded by fantastic like-minded people who are on the same exciting path. 



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