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When Jarrod and I first started our plant based journey, we felt overwhelmed, not sure where to start, and all we could find were recipe sites. But what we needed was someone to give us simple, enjoyable, and strategic step-by-step guidance for thriving with whole plant foods. We wanted to learn how to enjoy the journey so we could heal, feel great daily, and live a full life without limits. So after years of successful plant based living we're showing up as the health coaches and mentors we wish we'd had when we were first starting out.

You won't just find great recipes here. Sure, you'll get those too, but you'll also learn how to thrive on The Success Path, so you can get from where you are to where you want to be. 

This is the path for creating a healthy mindset, building a supportive environment, getting the food right, knowing how to properly balance your plate, having the right tools for saving time and money, learning to navigate real life situations, and gaining effective strategies for optimal health. When you know where to start, where you're headed, and each and every step in between, you'll be empowered to take simple action, start feeling your best, and see a life full of possibilities open up right before your very eyes. 

You're in the right place.

real results

“Since working with Jarrod and Anita, I've seen amazing changes in my health. I've even gone from a size 12 to a size 4!”

I'm so happy to have found Food Freedom. I love love LOVE what I'm eating! It fuels me well and tastes amazing. My husband has increased energy and sleep, as well as many other benefits. These two are amazing coaches and fantastic human beings! I highly recommend them."

- Brenda S.  Texarkana, Texas

“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

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Ways to Learn With Us

Cookbook Bundle

Grab your copy of The Cookbook and Current Bonuses to launch yourself
to plant-based success.

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Group Coaching

Join Power On Plants Society, where we'll take you by the hand and walk you to sustainable plant based living one delicious bite at a time.  

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Power On Plants Podcast

250+ episodes and counting, The Podcast is chock full of great info including simple action steps to help you start getting results.

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Cookbook and bonuses

If you think that eating Whole Food Plant Based is just about salads, plain veggies, and zero-point cabbage soup, boy you're in for a big surprise!

Spending all your time and money trying to find new plant-based favorites, only to come up disappointed by bland, tasteless food again and again is for...the...birds! What you need is the 'best of the best' mouth watering flavors that truly satisfy without taking a lifetime to prepare, and this cookbook is FILLED with them!  

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The Society

Join the Group Coaching Program + Community for learning how to make plant based living sustainable so you can finally feel better!


You're ready to learn the simple, lasting way to enjoy whole plant foods so you heal naturally and fully live.

Welcome to our exclusive Members-Only Group Coaching Program. On the inside, we'll hold you by the hand as you learn step-by-step to successfully navigate the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle the enjoyable way, so you can overcome the health struggles like pain, fatigue, brain fog, and extra pounds that keep you from doing all the things you'd really love to do.


Our Manifesto:

“Your Journey to health has to be simple, enjoyable,
and delicious if you want it to last.”

- Jarrod & Anita


real results

Sharissa learned simple new ways to enjoy more of the five foundational foods daily

“Jarrod and Anita are natural born teachers. I find myself leaning in wanting to learn more.”

“The training you provide is clear and concise, but also packed with a TON of value. I absolutely love the simple action steps you give. This is going to help many women for decades to come!"

- Sharissa S.  Florida

Natalie Improved her marathon pace

“I used to have severe PMS, bad mood swings, and fatigue. But I almost never have them anymore!”

"Since joining Power On Plants Society just a short time ago, I’m already sleeping better and feel more at peace. On my journey I've chosen to enjoy more raw foods. I'm currently training for a marathon, and I'm so happy that my pace has even improved. I feel great!"

- Natalie C.  Florida



Power on Plants Society only opens a few times each year, so don't miss out.  Join the waitlist today. 



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