Quiet times, living by the seaside, nature walks, amazing sunsets, water views, and Anita's hugs.


That was when my eyes were opened. I was shocked that I hadn't learned any of these facts in school! We started implementing what we learned, and step by incredible step we got our lives back! That’s why I get so lit up over the awesomeness of whole plant foods, because I know that they can bring you amazing results too!

I would have probably kept thinking it was all just "normal aging" or genes if Anita hadn't hit a big wall with her health that caused us to dig deep into the stacks and stacks of research.

I grew up a cajun boy in the suburbs of Baton Rouge, LA. Even from a young age I always enjoyed making others smile and belly laugh. I'm a firm believer that life should never be boring. Yes, it's true, I've been known to spontaneously carefully juggle a bit of produce at the market or break out a back flip from time to time!

Welcome to my space on the internet! Well, apparently it's my turn to spill the beans....

I'm a Physician Assistant and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional who truly believes that life can be serious and fun all at the same time.

digging into the research and uncovering the facts is my jam

Hey! What's up?

But I also understand how very serious things can get when you're struggling with your health and you can't seem to find the answers you need. That was my story too. Even as a medical professional, when I hit my 40s I found myself dealing with vascular disease, daily aches and pains, and constant exhaustion.

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Based in Florida, Jarrod brings his PA degree and research background to the world of natural healing with whole plant foods.

Food has always played important roles in my life...heck, Anita and I even met while sharing a picnic lunch with some friends underneath the oak trees at Rhodes College!

So I understand why really good tasting food matters a lot to you, too. The truth is, if any way of living is going to last it's got to be enjoyable. That's why we are all about showing you how to rock this plant based life in the most tasty way possible, so you can enjoy healing naturally from the inside out. 

LOVES: the fact that in our home i carry the title of "master taste
tester supreme". Please don't judge...Somebody's got to do it. 




coffee > tea,
every time. just me?


Find me hanging out with my faithful sidekick, Tessa mcfluffinstuff.


I have a serious love
for vegan sushi.


I enjoy a good ride
with my best girl by my side

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Fixing things handyman style, my fam, camping, siestas, our honda odyssey, great snacks, family nerf wars, securing beach umbrellas with a cordless drill and auger (seriously), and chillaxin.


Super crowded spaces, unnecessary drama, low phone batteries, traffic, sand in my van, jumbled electronic cords, watching awkward moments unfold, and ignoring board game rules. 

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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MAKING Plant based SImple

When you want to get healthy, it's about much more than just finding new recipes. Sure, you need some amazing ones to get you started. But it's just as important that you build the right mindset, learn food formulas for the occasions when you don't even have time for a recipe, discover how to make food upgrades, learn delicious flavor profiles, gain a simple plan to follow for easily organizing your journey, get strategies for stressing less, learn to build strong relationships, get better sleep, learn easy ways to move more, and become surrounded by fantastic liked minded people who are on the same exciting path. 



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