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This mindset shift is an absolute must for you if your goal is lasting health. It's so simple, you'll wonder why you haven't been doing this all along. 

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If you want to be healthy you've got to know what to eat, and how to eat it in a way that you'll really love. We get that you want your food to taste rockin' awesome, and that's what this category is all about. 

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What exactly is the whole food plant based diet all about, and why does it even matter?
You'll find the answers you need right here. 

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What exactly is the whole food plant based diet all about, and why does it even matter? You'll find the answers you need right here. 



Your thoughts and beliefs have a huge impact on how you choose to live. So if you want to live your very best life, it's crucial to build the mindset that will help you get there. 

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Hello, Sunshine!

We're Jarrod & Anita,
YOUR PERSonal Plant-Based Mentors & Friends 

We’re absolutely head over heels for whole plant foods and helping you navigate plant-based the enjoyable way. That’s because we've seen our own lives and countless lives of others completely transformed by gaining Power On Plants!

We used to struggle daily with excess pounds, low energy, vascular disease, joint pain, and lack of sleep, just to name a few. And even though we’re medical professionals, we still weren’t getting practical answers that actually worked. So we dug into the research, started living what we learned, and now we both have our active lives back. And that’s what we want for you too!  

Him: PA, Lifestyle Med Pro, & lover of tasty foods
Her: Nurse, recipe guru, & former cheese addict


How to Easily Eat More Greens Every Single Day

Want the 25 simple strategies for getting your greens that are doable AND delicious? We're sharing our top secrets right inside this guide!

ready to live your life fully?

Welcome to
Sustainable Plant-Based Living

Getting healthy is about much more than just finding new recipes. Sure, you need some really great ones to get you started. But you know what's just as important? Learning food formulas to use when you don't even have time for a recipe, busting the myths that have been holding you back, discovering how to make recipe upgrades, learning the game-changing flavor profiles, having the right tools for simplifying meals, and being surrounded by encouraging, like-minded women who are on the same exciting path so they can fully live their calling, too. 



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